Stock Code:832327

Headquarter of Yantai Haiyi Software Co., Ltd.

Address: Airport Road No.2,

Zhifu District, Yantai, Shandong province

                 TEL: 0535-5520311



Service Phone of each department:

Company consultation and business supporting:

                TEL: 0535-5520315


Grid information products and service:

                TEL: 0535-5520328


E-government affairs (public security, government) products:

                TEL: 0535-5520316


ERP consultation and implementation:

                TEL: 0535-5520307


Platform products:

                TEL: 0535-5520336


System integration service:

                TEL: 0535-5520305



Beijing Branch


     Jinan Branch

Address: Keji Building No.8, Room 319,

Shangdi Zhongguancun Software Plaza, Haidi District of Beijing

     Address: Qilu Software Plaza Tower E, A308, B315,

     Jinan High-tech District, Shandong

TEL: 010-84833039

     TEL: 0531-67801957




Guangzhou Branch


     Guangxi Branch

Address: Kehuijingu Building d1 No.4, 5,

Science Avenue middle No. 99, Luogang District of Guangzhou

     Address: Shennengda Technology Park Tower A, 9F,

     High-tech Avenue No.2, High-tech District of Nanjing, Guangxi province

TEL: 020-87695129、 020-37618325

     TEL: 0771-3480088